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      ?Copyright: ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services

      Co., Ltd.     ICP17019712    By 300.cn

      ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services Co., Ltd.


      Address: 1st Floor, Building 8, No. 700, Shang Feng Road,

      Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, P.R.China

      Contact us:

      +86(0)21-20270568 +86 18201888025


      ABOUT US

      Operation System

      Operation System


      CLINSCHAIN’s operation system is generated based on quality requirements for drug products and the specific requirements related to clinical supply services, coupled with project management needs and client specific needs. It satisfies full spectrum clinical supply needs of local trials, foreign trials and international multi-center trials.

      CLINSCHAIN’s operation documentation system consists of around 50 SOPs covering areas across project management, facility management, logistics operation, packaging operation, purchase and ERP operation. Under the SOP system, we have work instructions as necessary to cover project specific operation needs.


      CLINSCHAIN’s operation documentation system also defines details for specific clinical supply key processes in order to provide best known solutions while respecting the integrity of the quality system. They include:


      Project management

      Management of randomization codes

      Facility and equipment management

      Design and production of label and packaging materials

      Production management

      Storage management

      Distribution order and logistics management

      Return and destruction

      Purchasing management

      Import/export management