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      ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services Co., Ltd.


      Address: 1st Floor, Building 8, No. 700, Shang Feng Road,

      Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, P.R.China

      Contact us:

      +86(0)21-20270568 +86 18201888025



      Label and Packaging Material Design/ Production

      Label and Packaging Material Design/ Production


      According to the needs of clinical trial drug packaging, we provide design and production services of various languages and types of labels, cartons, packaging bags and other packaging materials. Our experts can provide customized label and packaging material design schemes for customers to choose according to customers' clinical trial design and drug packaging requirements.  CLINSCHAIN has its own label printing and automatic inspection system, which can flexibly arrange label production and effectively control the timeliness of label production.