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      ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services Co., Ltd.


      Address: 1st Floor, Building 8, No. 700, Shang Feng Road,

      Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, P.R.China

      Contact us:

      +86(0)21-20270568 +86 18201888025



      Labeling and Packaging

      Labeling and Packaging


      CLINSCHAIN provides various secondary packaging and primary packaging services in a controlled environment. Secondary packaging services include double-blind labeling, patient kit assembly, wallet packaging and other types; Primary packaging services include bottling, blister packaging (aluminum / aluminum, aluminum / plastic), etc. Our ERP system and batch record based packaging process ensure that we can deal with various packaging and labeling requirements of open label and blinded trials.  The packaging protocol generated for each project ensures quality control and traceability. Our project management process ensures that all key information that may affect packaging requirements and quality is clearly identified with customers and that strict quality control is carried out during operation.