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      ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services Co., Ltd.


      Address: 1st Floor, Building 8, No. 700, Shang Feng Road,

      Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, P.R.China

      Contact us:

      +86(0)21-20270568 +86 18201888025


      ABOUT US

      About us

      About us



      ClinsChain (Shanghai) Clinical Services Co., Ltd. is a company established in accordance with GMP / GDP standards and operated in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of pharmaceuticals and clinical trials to provide clinical supply services. Located in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, close to Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley, the company is committed to providing comprehensive clinical supply solutions and one-stop services for drug market licensees, pharmaceutical R&D enterprises and multinational pharmaceutical factories to carry out clinical trials at home and abroad.


      Cao, Yufeng(Paul), the founder and General Manager of ClinsChain, is one of the pioneers of clinical supply service in China. He has been working in the industry for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining ClinsChain, he worked for Zuellig Pharma China as the Operations Manager, Fisher Clinical Services in China as the General Manager and Catalent Pharma Solutions in China as the Operations Director and General Manager. Adhering to the tenet of "quality-centered operation, customer-centered service", ClinsChain has the mission of providing high-quality clinical supply services. It is firmly believed that only by strictly abiding by international norms and national quality standards, can the interests of customers be guaranteed to the greatest extent. ClinsChain sincerely faces customers and every project with the positioning of the service provider. Without compromise on compliance and quality, ClinsChain continuously optimizes its operation process, provides efficiency, and better supports the smooth operation of clinical trials for customers.


      ClinsChain is your clinical supply partner. Our industry's leading experience, technical and professional ability provide better solutions and supply guarantee for the smooth operation of your clinical trials.

      l  We provide one-stop clinical supply chain services ranging from drug preparation to labeling and packaging, from warehousing logistics to returns and destruction.

      l  Through our GMP standard plant and warehousing and distribution network covering Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States, we can support your comprehensive needs for clinical trials at home and abroad.

      l     Quality management system is established in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP and GXP in China to ensure the quality of clinical supply and the compliance of operation at home and abroad.

      l   The management members are all senior professionals in the industry and have the experience of operating clinical supply both at home and abroad to ensure reliable operational services and excellent solution capabilities.

      l With China Resources Pharmaceutical and other leading domestic pharmaceutical distribution enterprises to form strategic cooperation, to build strong brand of clinical supply services and one-stop service capabilities.

      l    We do not compromise quality and compliance, we also pursue efficiency and lower costs. We offer you the best value.